The building is part of the Master Plan for Office Accommodation in The Hague. As a result of pressure to have an efficient and effective Central Government the current cabinet implemented major changes in the organization of the Government and these changes also have consequences on government accommodation. In this building 3,000 people work daily, therefore comfort and efficiency are essential.The Ministry of VROM is in that regard (and in the use of materials) one of the earliest and still striking examples of Sustainable Building in the Netherlands, as there, for the first time in the Netherlands, the “green house” concept was used.
In Mooi Gebouwd Nederland (The Beautifully Built Netherlands) the building was named as one of the fifty most beautiful buildings in the Netherlands.
Nowadays the renovation has followed this “fil rouge”. Integra Group made a ceiling system integrating bandoxaldecor, totally recyclable aluminium surface by ALMECO.
The sand finish gives a special shining to the building. Discover these pleasant interiors.