Our history


Foundation of Visigalli & Fiorentini, a company that specialises in the manufacturing of aluminium sheet metal and in the production of reflectors.


The first automated system for the electrobrightening and anodising in line is installed, in addition to a factory specialised in the manufacturing of small reflectors and special alloys.


From the merge of Citor and Sacall, Almeco S.p.A. is born, to synergically exploit business operations and streamline common tasks.


A site dedicated to the production of vega with PVD technology is inaugurated in Bernburg, Germany.


Almeco becomes a Group and widens its range of products strengthening solar and indoor decorative applications.


Almeco acquires the business and activities of a service centre dedicated to the mass production of pre-treated metals for the lighting industry located in Atlanta, Georgia, followed by the constitution of Almeco USA, Inc.


The first PVD aluminium reflectors range designed inside the Company and proposed to the market.


With bandoxalpro, Almeco extends its range to the architectural field with thickness up to 3mm and high anodisation layers.