vega®UV-C is the high-reflective aluminium surface designed specifically by Almeco to accelerate the sanitizing power of UV rays

Why vega®UV-C?

Ultraviolet light offers a quick and effective solution to sterilize and sanitize environments and objects.
The UV-C band (the wavelengths between 200 nm and 280 nm) is considered “UV germicidal”.
vega®UV-C increases the effectiveness of the UV system through reflection; its highly reflective aluminum surface allows to reach 91% of the UV rays reflection thus increasing the disinfection power.

Why specifically UV-C rays?

The UV-C radiation is absorbed by the DNA and RNA of micro-organisms, such as viruses and bacteria, modifying their structure and hindering their reproduction. With a sufficiently powerful radiation intensity, the UV-C is a very reliable, fast and environmentally friendly disinfection method because it doesn’t require the use of chemical agents.

How to use vega®UV-C?

vega®UV-C reflective aluminum surface can be used to cover internal walls of equipment and medical devices.
To considerably improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the appliances, Almeco’s optical engineers support you in the development and production of reflectors to optimize the emission of UV radiation by concentrating it where it is needed.

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