OPTIMO UV-C LEDIZ® by DIETAL is the first hybrid luminaire to fight against the Covis-19 equipped with vega®UV-C , the high-reflective aluminium surface developed specifically by Almeco to accelerate the sanitizing power of UV rays.
vega®UV-C boosts the effectiveness of the UV system through reflection and allows to reach 91% of the UV rays reflection thus increasing the disinfection power of viruses and bacteria.

OPTIMO UV-C LEDIZ® is a multifunctional "3 in 1" product with the integration of special UV-C LED within its lighting systems whose mission is then to alternately illuminate and disinfect the air, surfaces and objects irradiated but also communicating to ensure the highest level of security.
A simple, high-performance, safe solution for the disinfection of premises.
THE OPTIMO UV-C LEDIZ® LIGHT Disinfection reliability> 99.99% of all surfaces.

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