The bandoxaldecor surface was transformed into an elegant crocodile pattern sheet for the fitting of the master “chocolatier” Jean-Charles Rochoux’s store in Tokyo

"I see myself as selling happiness". Passionate, authentic and generous, with a reverence for my product: these are my main character traits.
These are the words of the famous French chocolatier JEAN-CHARLES ROCHOUX.
He participated at the renowned "Salon du Chocolat Japan" held once a year and a must-see event for all chocolate lovers.
In January 2018 he inaugurated his first flagship store in Minami-Aoyama, located in the center of Tokyo. The store has an attractive and original interior. A big central counter accommodates all the exquisite chocolate specialties and delicacies.
Almeco's BANDOXAL GRAND BRILLANT is the surface used to realize the crocodile motif, signature pattern of the chocolatier’s brand.