Accelerating the sanitizing power of UV rays


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Ultime News

More controlled light distribution and reduced glare for EFFY luminaire in vega®LED98

EFFY is a suspended industrial luminaire equipped with vega®LED98 aluminium optic developed by Almeco in collaboration with SUNLUX. The custom aluminum reflector is realized with vegaLED98 surfa...

The high reflective aluminium vega®UV-C for the first “hybrid” luminaire disinfectant and smart light by DIETAL

OPTIMO UV-C LEDIZ® by DIETAL is the first hybrid luminaire to fight against the Covis-19 equipped with vega®UV-C , the high-reflective aluminium surface developed specifically by Almeco to accelera...

High performance and visual comfort for the KREOS street fixtures with the vega98® reflectors

The lighting street optics developed and realized with the highly reflectance vega98 surfaces are the heart of Kreos, the luminaire designed by PIL to satisfy “the wish to build the smart city of t...