Almeco for the environment

All Almeco’s processed materials are recyclable.

Aluminium and copper are therefore put into the material cycle and used to produce new material.
Aluminium significantly contributes to improving energy performance, comfort and safety of the buildings and it plays an important role in the production of renewable energy from solar sources.

Aluminium plays a fundamental role in the sustainability of new buildings and in the renovation of those already existing. At the end of its very long life cycle, the high intrinsic value of aluminium represents an important economic incentive in favour of recycling. Recycling can be done through various processes based on the nature of construction waste, thus ensuring a cradle to cradle life
cycle and important environmental benefits. Recycling aluminium products used in the building sector is not only a dream but today it is a reality.

CO2 emissions reduction

Almeco has been committed to reducing CO2 emissions for years. Since 2013, the installation in the production plant of San Giuliano Milanese of a 4,000 m2 photovoltaic system with a total power of 510kW allowed the reduction of CO2 production by approx. 385 tons per year. In 2016, the installation of a co-generator in the same plant further reduced the emissions of 1,500 tons of CO2.
In 2018, the most advanced anodizing line of aluminium surfaces for architectural applications in Europe was installed. It has an innovative zero waste fluid recycling system.
All this allows the Italian seat to be ISO 14001: 2015 certified, while the German seat, which is dedicated to PVD vacuum processes, is also 18001 certified since it was opened.

4000 mq
510 Kw
- 1585 t

Process residues and waste

The pigments and oxides in excess are retrieved during the process, while the solvents used to clean the machine and its waste are collected and recycled.

0 release of dangerous substances "VOC"

Several studies have shown that building products made of aluminium are not a danger to the health of the inhabitants or the external environment. In both cases, today's studies prove that the alloys, the surface treatments and the materials used have a neutral effect. Building products made of aluminium do not have negative impacts on the quality of the air inside the buildings, on the ground or on the surface and underground water.
Almeco ensures products with low emissivity and values ​​of volatile organic compounds "VOC" way below the legal threshold.


Aluminium is a precious metal that can be endlessly recycled without losing its characteristics. Aluminium waste melting requires only 5% of the energy used for primary production and the alloys obtained in this way can be used to obtain various commonly used objects.