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High emissive surfaces

Almeco R&D developed a special high emissive finish

used in bandoxalε for climate control surfaces.
Metal ceiling tiles have been used in construction as decoration since years. Aluminium is one of the lightest commercially available metals with a density approximately one third that of steel or copper, therefore it is particularly suitable for these applications. The climate-control panels look like any other suspended ceiling panel and can be used also in retrofitting.

high emissive surfaces

Climate control panels work is based on the principle of radiation. 
Cooling/heating coils are hidden behind the climate-control panel which works as heat exchanger. During the summer, the panel absorbs the heat from the room and transfers it to the cool water running into the coils, while in winter it spreads the heat circulating in the pipes into the room without air movement or noise, ensuring a comfortable temperature gradient. 
For this application, Almeco R&D developed a special high emissive finish used in bandoxalε. 
The reflectance spectrum of bandoxalε is determined by the oxide layer and its thickness.

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