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Decorative surfaces

No limits to your imagination

There is an increasing number of objects that characterise everyday life in which aluminium expresses itself. Lightweight, flexible, resistant, environmentally friendly and completely recyclable, this metal exhibits exceptional durability over time. 

Our polished and anodized surfaces are homogeneous and free of iridescence, their colour is absolutely uniform, and it contains unique chemical and mechanical properties.

infinite range of finish and colours

Designers are constantly looking for materials that can reproduce the rich variety of colours found in nature but they also propose new ones that are capable of giving a touch of originality to their creations.
bandoxaldecor is the answer to both these needs, thanks to the infinite range of colours that are
ever-changing and always in line with the most current design trends.
The warm, earthy colours are paired with cool and metallic tones in a luminous rainbow. Its ability to replicate other metals is extraordinary: from titanium to steel, brass to copper, tin to bronze, silver to gold.
A world of colours to be discovered.

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The finishes


Marron 782
Noir 870
Violet 551
Bleu 468
Bleu 262
Bleu 258
Turquoise 160
Bronze 219
Bronze 43
Inox 40
Gris 370
Gunmetal 54
Tin 473
Vert 366
Rose Quarz 502
Saumon 223
Champagne 117
White Gold 220
Titanium 325
Alunor 233
Alunor 32
Jaune 28
Or 134
Brass 32
Marron 494
Tea 596
Bronze 492
Saumon 229
Copper 82
Orange 351
Orange 347
Rouge 557
Bordeaux 556
Rose 342
Violet 355
Bleu 354

range available in small batches

bandoxaldecor+collection is a unique service formula that allows you to choose your own supply, even in small quantity (from 62.5m2), from a selection of 30 different finishes and colours in the catalogue that are periodically renewed.
This service allows you to give expression to your creativity while preserving the value of the uniqueness of the project, even small ones.

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aluminium takes shape

bandoxal3D is a collection of three-dimensional aluminium surfaces dedicated to architectural and interior design applications.
Lightness, versatility and surface resistance of aluminium make bandoxal3D ideal for wall and ceiling coverings and interior decorations.
bandoxal 3D is available in a wide choice of specular, brushed, textured finishes and colors that can be combined with 3D patterns to achieve tailor-made solutions.

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