Customised solutions

The strategic value of a customization from the surface to the component.

Each production made with creativity must be able to appear as unique to best interpret the exclusivity of the idea of the person that designed it.
For this reason, the Almeco staff presents itself as a true partner of designers and companies to develop their original intuition, side by side.

The choice is extremely expansive, ranging from the wide selection of bandoxal surfaces that are ready-made to the creation of a product with completely new colours and materials. The production can be carried out directly at the Group’s various factories, using the most appropriate technologies among the many available to ensure the best results in terms of volume and quality. This guarantees a single point of contact that manages the entire process and keeps costs and timing under control.

Another advantage is the maximum customisation of the service.
The most advanced and efficient criteria of the supply chain allow the customer to have material ready to stock at each of the company’s five headquarters and in the more than 60 partners around the world.
This proximity ensures extremely short response times, as well as a profound harmony with the tastes of fashion and design of each local market.

Research & Development

Almeco identity is aluminium. We are focused in this material since almost 60 years.
Product innovation occupies a prominent position in the ALMECO GROUP strategy that, over the years, has devoted a significant proportion of revenue to research and continuous development of solutions that promptly respond to the clients’ specific requirements.
ALMECO GROUP provides a team of engineers, physicians, mathematics and optical engineers to follow the development of each new project from the initial idea to the verification of its feasibility , from prototyping to industrialisation.