The bandoxalPRO line is enriched with a new product born from the collaboration between Novelis and Almeco.

The co-operation of the two R&D centers has enabled the development of HRC73A™: the first high-recycled content, low carbon pre-anodized aluminium surface for architectural applications.

HRC73A™ combines an alloy comprised of 90% recycled content and the innovative Almeco “zero waste” anodizing treatment, a sophisticated purification system that allows the total reuse of process water, reducing consumption by 90% compared to traditional processes.

HRC73A™ provides brilliant metallic gloss and high durability, combined with a surface treatment process, stay unaltered over time. Finally, the A1 fire classification makes it the most suitable choice to combine safety and aesthetics.

An innovative product that in the context of the sustainability and decarbonization provides a concrete answer to design needs with a high-recycled, low carbon footprint.

Moving towards a more sustainable future