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Absorber surfaces TiNOX®

The core of solar thermal panels is the absorber

which is given the unique task of collecting the energy in the form of solar radiation and converting it into heat without any loss. The more efficient the absorber, the greater the heat produced by the panel.
The result is free energy that is environmentally friendly and reliable: energy for our future.

achieve the best performances

The TiNOX® energy multilayer coating is made with the PVD process and can be applied on several metal surfaces.
It combines excellent optical characteristics with the excellent thermal conductivity of copper and is therefore suitable for evacuated tube collectors and other applications that require the highest energy efficiency.

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selective absorber surfaces

The TiNOX® energy surfaces ensure a high absorption of sunlight and low emissions of thermal radiation. The combination of these durable characteristics allows an efficient use of solar energy and minimum heat loss at the same time. Its ability to behave differently towards different forms of radiation is optimized for the working temperature of solar collectors (approx. 100 ° C) and it allows TiNOX® products to collect up to 50% more energy than non-selective surfaces.

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the perfect balance between efficiency and adaptability

TiNOX® robust is a highly selective absorber coating designed for harsh environmental conditions, as can be found in flat plate solar collectors installed near the seaside or in industrial environments.
Compared to other absorber coatings designed for such conditions, based on black chromium or lacquer, TiNOX® robust features nearly the same optical properties as the well-established TiNOX® energy coating, thanks to a complex multilayer structure applied by PVD coating process. Due to the special ceramic top layer, the material has good corrosion resistance and fingerprints are nearly invisible. Even in humid conditions, optical performance is maintained stable.
TiNOX® robust is deposited on aluminium substrates up to 1,250 mm width (copper or stainless steel are available on request).

TiNOX® robust absorbers can be used equally well in various designs of flat-plate water heating and air heating collectors.

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The innovative surface for unglazed solar thermal facade

TiNOX®outdoor is the first highly selective aluminium absorber surface which can be installed outdoor without any additional transparent cover. Its specially designed, patented coating structure combines weather resistance with unprecedented low heat radiation losses leading to significantly higher working temperatures.

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advised for the applications

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