For the solar thermal sector, the ALMECO GROUP has developed TiNOX energy, the world’s first range of highly selective absorbent coatings which are designed to prevent heat loss and allow for the conversion of more than 90% of incident solar energy into thermal energy.

The ALMECO GROUP developed vega energy in the thermodynamic field, which is a concentration range of specular surfaces with reflectance up to 98%. They are used in the parabolic solar collectors CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) and CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaic) or solar thermal collectors and evacuated CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrator) tubes, standing out in particular for its excellent performance in the CSP micro-concentrators and the linear Fresnel collector systems.

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The core of the solar thermal panels is the absorber, which is given the unique task of collecting the energy in the form of solar radiation and converting it into heat. The more efficient the absorber is, the greater the heat produced by the panel will be. What results is free energy that is environmentally friendly and reliable: energy for our future.

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Reflective surfaces are a key element in solar concentrating systems: these in fact should reflect the solar radiation as effectively and accurately as possible.

The ALMECO GROUP has developed a range of vega energy specular surfaces, with reflection even higher than 98% manufactured through a PVD process in the Bernburg plant in Germany.

To guarantee the highest efficiency in each specific application, the ALMECO GROUP has developed a wide range of surfaces with different characteristics within the range of vega energy.

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