Ready to go! The new bandoxalpro line is completed and is in testing phase.

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ALMECO Lighting

From reflectors for commercial and industrial areas, to solutions for offices and public lighting. From floodlights and spotlights to retrofit, from venetian blinds to light pipes.
The ALMECO GROUP proposes itself as an integrated partner for the design and construction of reflectors based on the customer’s specific needs.



For the solar thermal sector, the ALMECO GROUP has developed TiNOX energy, the world’s first range of highly selective absorbent coatings which are designed to prevent heat loss and allow for the conversion of more than 90% of incident solar energy into thermal energy.

The ALMECO GROUP developed vega energy in the thermodynamic field, which is a concentration range of specular surfaces with reflectance up to 98%. They are used in the parabolic solar collectors CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) and CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaic) or solar thermal collectors and evacuated CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrator) tubes, standing out in particular for its excellent performance in the CSP micro-concentrators and the linear Fresnel collector systems.



To give a complete answer to the needs of use of this material in the decorative field, bandoxaldecor™ was born: polished and anodised.
Twenty-one different finishes, sixty colours, eight different thicknesses: bandoxaldecor’s combinations that the ALMECO GROUP offers to its clients through its catalog are virtually endless.

bandoxaldecor™ can also be supplied on request with different types of adhesives, or with special treatment that makes it more resistant to cold, UV rays and water or even with specific primer.