TiNOX energy

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TiNOX energy surfaces, created indifferently on copper or aluminium, represent an important reference for the sector. These surfaces absorb 95% of incident solar energy and convert 90% into thermal energy, losing only 4% of heat in the form of radiation.
These values remain constant over time.

This allows solar panel manufacturers to ensure the highest quality and greatest yield to those who install them. The structure of TiNOX energy absorbers has been developed to optimise its function at temperatures close to those in which the solar collectors operate (approx. 100°C). For this, the special PVD multilayer is able to absorb most of the incident solar energy on the panel (propagated with wavelengths less than 2.5 micron) and to minimise the heat lost from the same material under the form of radiation (wavelengths longer than 2.5 micron). The characteristic to adapt its behavior according to the different wavelengths, or rather the selectivity, allows TiNOX energy products to "capture" up to 50% more energy than non-selective products.

The TiNOX absorbers have obtained a certificate of approval from:
• Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Freiburg (ISE)
• Institute of Technology Solar Rapperswill College (SPF)
• Institut fuer Thermodynamik und Wärmetechnik (ITW).

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