reflect+A™ team

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reflect+A team is an infinite range of reflectors for LED sources that are "ready to fit, easy to use.”

The gradual spread of LED sources and their rapid evolutionary development have pushed the ALMECO GROUP to make a catalog of customisable segmented reflectors available to the market, made with vegaLED98 high reflectance aluminium at the service of highest energy efficiency. Additionally, the client can choose the ideal set of components from a wide range of defined combinations for a reflector that is tailored made to their specific needs.

Starting from the selected light source, one proceeds to choose the surface base. Then, the finish and the surface colour is selected, along with the type of ring and the size of the reflector to be obtained. Finally the shape and geometry of the light beam is chosen.

Ready-made solutions for different environments, and for the most popular LED and holders on the market can be found in the catalog of in stock products. Furthermore, customisation is always possible, even in limited batches.

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