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reflect+A™ is the "concept" by which the ALMECO GROUP expresses its ability to design, engineer and create the widest range of reflectors for its clients.

From reflectors for industrial or commercial use to those for offices, urban dector, sports facilities and street lighting. From floodlights and spotlights to retrofit lighting systems, from reflective blinds to daylighting systems and light pipes. The ALMECO GROUP is the ideal partner for lighting companies, thanks to its ability to follow the customer at every stage, from design to product construction.

Starting from the analysis of customer requests, ALMECO GROUP’s technical-commercial team defines the reflector’s geometric characteristics and selects the most powerful type of reflective surface depending on the type of light source and lighting that it intends on obtaining.

A virtual model has been developed that takes project data into account and analyses the photometric behaviour with a high degree of reliability and accuracy.

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