vega energy WR

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Specular efficiency and protection without limits. The surfaces of the vega energy WR range, developed specifically for outdoor applications, express the ALMECO GROUP’s commitment to combine the highest levels of reflection with maximum product durability and its resistance to atmospheric agents, thanks to the barrier effect guaranteed by the robust surface coating.

In particular, vega WR193 energy, with 90% solar reflection, is used in large parabolic reflectors dedicated to the production of heat in which high performance are required, as well as in large reflective surfaces for the generation of solar energy for heating and air-conditioning of industrial and commercial buildings and in desalination plants.

The vega energy WR293 is preferred in large parabolic concentrators where the perfect focusing of solar radiation is essential: its increased specular efficiency, combined with a high level of surface protection, allows to increase by 5% the energy reflected to the absorber tube. vega energy WR can also be used in the mirrors of photovoltaic systems at low concentration to increase the energy incident on the PV cells.

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