vega daylighting

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vega SP is a special high-reflectance PVD aluminium used for systems that address natural light in indoor settings to improve the visual and thermal comfort in a controlled manner.

This is the case in reflective dropped ceilings, whose efficiency can be increased with the introduction of systems to redistribute the light input, attenuating the possible variations in the quality and intensity due to changes in the position of the sun.

To bring natural light into a building and direct it in a controlled manner, reflective blinds are also used. They can be embedded in door and window systems and are manually or automatically movable, so as to prevent overheating of the premises. Both of these applications can be combined with parabolic systems, located on the front or inside of the building, redistributing the light into the depths of the space. Another system used to reach the daylight in the farthest corners of homes, commercial buildings and in all places where the contribution of daylight is not sufficient, are light pipes that are internally coated with high reflectance material. The higher the total reflectance of this material, the better its performance will be.

They are characterised primarily for very high total reflectance, exceeding 98% in the visible spectrum, which results in obvious advantages in the system’s efficiency. Furthermore, extremely small losses are presented due to multiple reflectances, which are particularly noticeable in the light pipes.

These features will add a high uniformity of the visible spectrum and excellent colour rendering, which translates into a better visual comfort.

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