vegaform Evolution


A range of high reflectance surfaces, capable of ensuring optical performances that are particularly elevated even after having being subjected to deep-drawing

Some reflectors, for their particular geometry, require to be made using a process of aluminium plate deformation. To obtain this result and, at the same time, be able to ensure the highest total reflectance, the ALMECO GROUP has studied and developed vegaform Evolution.
Made with pre-anodised aluminium coated with PVD process and subjected to a specific process to give the material the specific ductility characteristics, vegaform Evolution retains high values of total reflectance even after deep-drawing.

These values are far higher than the aluminium counterparts that are subjected to anodic static, with the advantage of being able to have a particularly high performance reflector.
PVD aluminium vegaform Evolution is particularly suitable for applications intended for street lighting and reflectors for specific indoor environments.

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