vegaLED on BOARD


An aluminium MC-PCB (Metal Core - Printed Circuit Board) specifically developed for high-power LEDs.

To achieve optimal heat management and increase the light output of the LED source, it is appropriate to place the LED chip on a PCB aluminium base that is coated with a highly reflective surface.

The coating of the PCB support in fact influences the light emission of the source and enhances its power characteristics. vegaLED on BOARD is the solution that ALMECO GROUP proposes to high-power LED manufacturers to ensure the maximum efficiency of the source.

Specially designed for coating the MC-PCB substrates, it presents an extremely high total reflectance (over 98%) over the whole LED emission spectrum thanks to the PVD treatment to which the material is subjected, significantly increasing the performances of the source with respect to a silver plated copper PCB.

In this feature, the high spectral uniformity and elevated optical performance are added up, assuring a homogeneous rendered source.
The PVD aluminium vegaLED on BOARD also carries out an effective action to dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs on the rear of the PCB, ensuring a longer life for the source.

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