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vegaLED is ALMECO GROUP’s concrete contribution to the improvement of LED fixture performance, a market segment that has experienced a strong growth, that allows the possibility of a more controlled light distribution and an increase in reflector efficiency, thanks to its high values of total reflectance (>98%).

In particular, vegaLED98 guarantees 15% more light for every reflectance with respect to metallic plastic. Considering that a significant part of the light rays is reflected several times in a reflector, that added value in terms of energy efficiency and savings that vegaLED is able to offer is clear, allowing to fully exploit the light emitted by the source.

Furthermore, vegaLED ensures a homogeneous and uniform reflectance of the entire visible spectrum. The upper layers of the surface, in addition to completely protecting the silver deposit that incorporates, as a result of the PVD coating process, confers a slightly warm tone to the grazing light, which is perfect for spaces with a strong architectural features.

The PVD aluminum vegaLED is available in a wide range of surface finishes and offers the possibility of infinite combinations depending on the reflector’s design and the type of lighting. While vegaLED98 is especially suitable for indoor lighting fixtures, vegaLED95 is preferred for road fixtures as it offers a 95% reflectance.

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