Quality and environment

The ALMECO GROUP operates in accordance with an ethical production system that integrates quality, safety and environment that has already obtained certification in 1996 according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 normative, issued by the international authority BVQI.

ALMECO GROUP is attentive to the environment. Its active commitment is shown in the use of a fully recyclable material like aluminium, plus the preference to use substances and materials compatible with the environment, and promote waste recycling and improving the sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

Almeco recently created a 4000 square meter photovoltaic plant with a total power of 510 kW on the roof of the San Giuliano Milanese manufacturing complex, which allows a reduction of CO2 production of approximately 385 tons per year.

Pdf-icon Politica di Gestione Qualità ed Ambiente [IT]