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It is a range of coloured anodised aluminium surfaces for the decorative sector.
There is an increasing number of objects that characterise the everyday environments in which the polished and anodised aluminium bandoxaldecor™, produced by the ALMECO GROUP, expresses itself.
Its applications range from design to architecture, furniture to accessories, automotive to boating, and from cosmetics to the electrical and electronics industries.
The very same features of this product facilitate its potential use.
Lightweight, flexible, resistant, environmentally friendly and completely recyclable, bandoxaldecor™ exhibits exceptional durability over time.
Its surface is homogeneous and free of iridescence, its colour is absolutely uniform, and it contains unique chemical and mechanical properties.

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Each original realization must appear as the best interpretation of the exclusivity of the idea of its designer. Almeco staff is a real partner of planners, designers and companies, to develop, on their side, the original intuition .
The choice is very wide: it ranges from the selection of bandoxaldecor surfaces already available to the study and creation of a product with totally new color and finishing.
Almeco makes a feasibility study of the object , it creates a prototype and then proceeds to its engineering .
The production can be directly carried out at the different plants of the Group using the right technologies to ensure results in terms of volume and quality. This offers the guarantee of a single source , which manages the entire process and monitors the cost and time.

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Climate control panels work is based on the principle of radiation.
Cooling/heating coils are hidden behind the climate-control panel which work as heat exchanger, while in summer the panel absorbs the heat from the room and transfers it to the cool water running into the coils, in winter it spreads the warm circulating in the pipes into the room without air movement and noise, ensuring a comfortable temperature gradient.
For this application Almeco R&D developed a special high emissive finish used in bandoxalε.
The reflectance spectrum of bandoxalε is determined by the oxide layer and its thickness.


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Designers are constantly looking for materials that can now reproduce the rich variety of colours found in nature, currently proposing new ones that are capable of giving a touch of originality to their creations.
bandoxaldecor™ is the answer to both these needs, thanks to the infinite range of colours that are ever-changing and always in line with the most current design trends.
The warm, earthy colours are paired with cool and metallic tones in a luminous rainbow.
Satin or reflective, with textures of great material effect. bandoxaldecor™ gives life to surfaces and objects that communicate originality and dynamism.
The variety and range of bandoxaldecor™ surface finishes is able to enhance objects and environments that are very different from each other, thanks to the diverse method in which light enters into dialogue with aluminium and causes it to vibrate, giving it a particular materiality.


Martele 214
Martelé 33
Decor 4000


Grand Brillant
Brillant Special
Brilliant WR


Cotton Mat
Satiné Silk
Sand Finish