The ALMECO GROUP can offer a wide range of services depending on the client’s needs including a global step-bystep support from the idea to the construction of the reflector, or to intervene with its specialised skills during a certain stage of the development process: design, engineering, prototyping and production.
These characteristics make the Group a unique entity in the lighting industry because it is able to integrate the various phases of aluminium production with the technologies and know-how to design, engineer and manufacture reflectors.

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Preanodised aluminium

Versatile, flexible and durable, the pre-anodised aluminium provides an excellent combination of high reflectance and durability in a wide choice of finishing.

The process of electro-polishing and anodising cleanses the surface and protects it through the growth of a hard and transparent oxide layer, intimately binding it to the metal so as to impede delamination, and giving it excellent resistance to oxidation.

Above all, the process of anodising ensures the aluminium those high total reflectance values that are essential to ensure the functionality in the lighting field. According to the production and finishing of the alloy, the anodised aluminium presents a total reflection that varies from 80% to 87%.

In lighting, anodised aluminium has always found the largest field of application in a range of products from reflectors for fluorescent sources to louvers and projectors.


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Product of the ALMECO GROUP’s exclusive PVD technology, vega represents the new frontier of high reflectance aluminium.

Developed in the Bernburg, Germany factory, vega significantly improves the reflectors’ optical performance and increases its efficiency up to 20% compared to the already high levels of anodised aluminium, thanks to its extraordinary reflectance. vega combines the proven quality of aluminium anodising processes with the most advanced technology of surface coating under vacuum, known as PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition).

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The ALMECO GROUP proposes itself as an integrated partner for the design and construction of reflectors based on the customer’s specific needs.
Each new project is developed by the Group’s specialist team and combines their complementary skills, ranging from commercial to more technical (space lighting, optical design, aluminium deformation). In this way, every aspect of the project can be carefully assessed and thoroughly examined, taking advantage of the synergistic and specialised contribution for the benefit of the customer.

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