27 September 2018

Calvin Klein display in bandoxaldecor

The display contains perfume samples put in transparent balls that can be taken out of a shelf closed by a golden door.
That display is a successful combination of a transparent acrylic-glas hood and a wooden column varnished white that is refined with shining gold accents made of acrylic mirror and bandoxal.

27 March 2018


By Nicolas Fenouillat, 2016
200cm x 450cm
Dancefloor is an installation on the floor of the gallery.

11 October 2016

Look at bandoxaldecor in television!

The lawyers office Lebowitz at the center of the new Franco-Belgian series is dressed with the warm tones of LAPIDE'CHAMPAGNE 117. Look at the shining effect and the discreet chromaticity.

15 January 2016

Allianz Tower on CASABELLA

The article "The Allianz Tower, Citylife", appeared on CASABELLA 885 - November 2015, describes this innovative project by arch. Isozaki in Milan.

30 September 2015

Almeco lights up the European City of Culture 2018, Leeuwarden (NL)

In order to guide the people around in the monumental structures of Leeuwarden, specific buildings have been selected in cooperation with the municipality and a new lighting plan has been created by the Dutch ”Lichtvormgevers”.
A special fitting with a new conceived and designed reflector from Almeco has been created especially for this project. One single wall washer achieve the aim to light up the whole façade, avoiding glare. The tridimensional façades are enhanced, avoiding unwished shadows.

17 September 2015

Passing by Malpensa airport? Have a look to...

Almeco and Fabas, both flexible and dynamic companies, have developed some products together.
Clay, a reflect+A optic in vega98100 high reflective aluminium, is one of the winning fixtures born from this cooperation.
We find it in the renovated Duty Free of Milan Malpensa Airport and in its Food Court.

19 November 2014

reflect+A evo: new generation of segmented aluminium LED reflectors.

Almeco comes to the market with a solution to one of the common lighting designers problem: how can I illuminate different subjects in the same environment using specific beams and colours , maintaining the same housing? reflect+A evo is a range of segmented aluminium reflectors families. Each family designs 3 beams keeping the same space.

19 February 2013

Almeco is now part of BridgeLUX Ecopartner Program

Bridgelux products are designed to work with wide range of industry leading light system components such as Drivers, Optics, and Thermal management materials. Click on the logos below for more information on third party components that are compatible with Bridgelux LED products. - See more at: